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Welcome, I'm Joseph Lee.

Time passes quickly and memories fade, but through my lens, I strive to preserve those fleeting moments for you to cherish forever.
I am dedicated to documenting your story and turning your special moments into lasting memories.

Professional Photographer & Photo Editor

I am the father of two lovely but energetic children and a husband who treats every meal like it's a high-stakes episode of a cooking show. I love coffee, the tranquility of nature, and observing my children from a distance whenever possible. On days when I'm not shooting, I strive to improve my skills in photography and editing. However, this is quite challenging as my children often cling to my arms when I sit at my desk.

To me, photography is not just about capturing moments; it's about holding onto the memories of those moments infinitely and sharing their stories with loved ones to keep them as warm memories. Through photography, we can experience the magical happiness of being transported back to those times and places.

Discovering the value of moments in everyday life and capturing those lovely memories is an amazing experience. Rather than focusing on posed and static expressions, I find that the most special moments can be captured in natural, everyday settings. You just need to spend joyful time with your partner and children, and those happy moments you are unaware of will be preserved in the records.

I am here to make sure that all your special, yet seemingly ordinary moments shine.

To book a session at Picstory Studio

please get in touch with me via email or phone. Let’s create lasting memories together.